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Mulch delivery Gazebo

You can rely on us for hardwood mulch, which is high in nutrients

that your soil will love.


If you're short on composting materials, turn to us for sawdust.

This by-product of sawmills forms inexpensive compost that adds richness to your soil.

Turn to our experienced company for well-manufactured lumber for your building need. Enhance your home with an addition or build a gazebo in the backyard. You can also create an elegant landscape with our selection of high-quality mulch.

At our family-owned and operated lumber company, you won't find wasted products. Turn to our resourceful team for your building project materials. Also find firewood cut from lower grade logs as well as mulch. Browse our website to explore all the options!

Make use of every piece of timber

Beautify your property with our materials

Call us for mulch delivery services!


Nourish your soil with wood products

  • Over 40 years of experience serving southern Indiana

  • Lumber and firewood supplier

  • Sawmill services

  • Mulch delivery available

  • Contact us for hardwood mulch

  • Pallets for shipping or building

  • Sawdust and composting material

Turn to our experts for lumber and more